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Travel to Egypt and explore the wonders of the ancient world as you will get astonished when you visit the largest outdoor museum in the world, Luxor city. Explore Luxor West Bank Tours. show you Egypt tours provide  professional Egyptologist guide will accompany you to see the oldest rock-cut tombs and the grand temples on the West Bank of the Nile River in Luxor, go inside the richly decorated royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the beautiful New kingdom’ era Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the tremendous Colossi of Memnon.


  • Luxor day tours include transportation services from any location or hotel in Luxor.
  • Transfers are organized by a deluxe air-conditioned A/C vehicle.
  • Gourmet lunch in a good quality restaurant is included during our Luxor West Bank Tour.
  • English-speaking tour guide during all our Egypt Day Tours.
  • Mineral bottled water is part of the West Bank of Luxor tour.
  • Taxes and service charges of the excursions in Luxor are included.


  • Tickets to enter special tombs in the Valley of the Kings like the tombs of Tutankhamen, and King Seti I tomb, and Ramses VI
  • Admission fees to all the archeological sites that mentioned on the West bank of the Nile.
  • Tipping to express your gratitude for the Luxor excursions.
  • Tickets to take your Camera inside the Valley of the Kings’ tombs.


show you Egypt tour guide will pick up you at about 7:00 AM (we can also change your pick up time upon your request) from your hotel whether it is located on the East or the West bank of the Nile in Luxor to begin one of the best Luxor day tours ever, Luxor West Bank Tour.

First, your personal driver and guide will accompany you to visit the Colossi of Memnon which are two colossal statues representing King Amenhotep III seated and having his hands resting on his knees facing East towards the Nile River, the temple of El Deir El Bahri ( the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut ) which is cut into the mountain and was built by the Queen who was the Pharaoh in Egypt 150 centuries ago, it was used as her mortuary temple and the inspiration for the design was taken from another neighboring mortuary temple of Neb-Hept-Re of the twelfth Dynasty.

Enjoy a gourmet lunch meal in one of the best local good quality restaurants in Luxor before proceeding to the Valley of the Kings which contains more than 62 tombs cut by the kings of the New Kingdom from the reign of Tuthmosis of the 18th dynasty, and during the 19th dynasty and the 20th dynasty as well. The Valley of the Kings got its popularity after the discovery of the tomb of the golden king Tutankhamen.

Now, after you complete your Luxor Sightseeing tours, you will be transferred back to your hotel or any preferred drop-off location within Luxor.


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